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Volleyball Scholarship Recruiting Basics


Playing club volleyball is really important if you want to be able to play at the college level; being on a travel team (AAU) offers a different level of competition experience that college volleyball coaches are looking for.


If you want volleyball scholarship offers then you need to be proactive in the volleyball recruiting process. Don’t wait for coaches to find you; most often, coaches don’t have the time or budget to recruit outside their immediate area. If you want a volleyball scholarship then you need to get the attention of the volleyball coach by sending them your resume.


Academics are just as important as your athletic skills. Make sure you are working hard to get good grades, and doing what you can to do well on the SAT/ACT or TOEFL.


Here are some specific position tips to make the most of your Volleyball Scholarship Opportunities




As a setter, you help control the tempo and offense of play on your side of the net. College coaches want to see setters take command of the play in each rally, a leader for their team. Setters need to be quick, accurate, and consistent in their sets as well.


Middle Blockers/Outside Hitters


College volleyball coaches want their front row hitters to not only be tall, but to be able to dominate plays at the net. Your strengths need to include hitting placement, strategy, and consistency, and blocking and defense. Make sure your video clearly demonstrates your abilities at the net, and with game footage, have the entire court in view.


Defensive Specialist/Libero


As a back row specialist, you need to be able to deliver controlled and accurate passes right to your setter. This helps enable your team’s offensive attack to be as strong as possible. You also need to be able to dig hits off the floor and cover your teammates. This requires quick reflexes, mastered body control, and balance.



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