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Recruiting Tools and lifeskill training

View college recruiting and placement like a business plan

When recruiting a school...3 initial things to understand.

Students/Athletes must:


1.   Have a clear outlook and strategy for success

                     -can the college support your interest.

                     -what is the perception of the college.

                     -are graduates deciding to live in the area.

                     -How many supporters own businesses.


2.   Build strong character and social skills

                     -Do you know the graduation rate.

                     -Correlation between SAT/ACT scores and jobs.

                     -Does synergy exist within the organization.

                     -Community involvement.


3.   Develop a positive environment/social atmosphere

                     -Local networking opportunities.

                     -Social media innovations.

                     -Academic benefits and support systems.

                     -Real life learning curve/adjustments/decisions.

Step #1

Step #2

Hard work is not must have:


1.   A strategy...plan to get from point A to point B...

                     -Identify your goals...see them and believe them

                     -If you don't believe what you see, how can

                      anyone else.

                     -Write down 5 strategic ways to reach your goal.

                     -Write down the top 2 from each strategy, this is

                      your plan.


2.   A contingency plan is not a failures plan, it is a must in

      case life happens...

                     -Build in unforseens....anything that is not

                      expected to happen.

                     -Meditate on the "avoidance subconcious"

                      preventive measures to avoid unforseens.

                     -Write these down....list 10 things that would be

                      considered unforseens.

                     -Read them but never say them out loud and then

                      tear up the paper and throw away.


3.   Commitment/discipline/passion/determination and pure

      heart/will is the difference maker.

                     -Simply put...."HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT"...."IT"

                      can be whatever it is you want.

            is a mixture of small victories at a

                      time....count your small victories.

                     -Set a goal for the week and check back to know

                      how close you came to achievement.

                     -Set another...and another...and another and you

                      guessed it....ANOTHER...



4.    Recognize the impossible and go for it...

                     -Determine your weaknesses....and make them

                      your goals.

                     -Meet the challenge....engage in opportunities to

                      achieve more.

                     -Eliminate pride by looking for the next thing you

                      are not good at.

                     -Recognize the journey and appreciate it. Has

                      anyone done this before....find them.


5.    No changes be consistent..persistent..stubborn enough

       to keep going but smart enough to ask for help.

                     -Read your strategy/plan once per week

                     -Remind yourself where you are in your plan.

                     -Allow additional suggestions to your plan but

                      never allow any take aways.

                     -If frustration sets in...put the plan aside, enjoy

                      your day and start again tomorrow.


6.    Only adjust your plan for better opportunities

                     -Always look to get better


                     -Laugh some more.

Actions always speak louder than plans...


1.   Treat your goals and work ethic as a franchise.

              -duplicate what works, eliminate what doesn't.

              -Practice makes perfect, dedicate time to practice.

              -Self evaluate and self criticize.

              -Schedule a meeting with your critics.


2.   Time/Value theory

              -Application of these principles creates value

              -Be effective and be efficient.

              -Be quick, work smart never long.

              -You determine your value by being multi-talented.


3.   The Sharks Tale

              -Always bite off more than you can chew.

              -Be methodical in your approach.

              -Be dominant....make success intentional.


4.   Universal Law

              -Align yourself with success.

              -Challenge your thinking to maximize opportunity.

              -See yourself and be yourself.

              -You have now laid the foundation to a successful life.

Step #3

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