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Powerhouse Classic LLC is a multi-purpose website that offers a variety of purchasing and servicing options as it relates to the sports recruiting process.


The site serves as our interest in creating marketing opportunities for high school players and a way for the college coaches and programs to view and analyze the talents and opportunities of each member.  The owner aims to implement life skills while developing the person as well as the athlete.


Blogging is a fun way to remain connected to our members and those of public interest. We engage in different sporting topics and other related issues that are relevant to any on board discussions.


Shopping is a network of sources where people can go for special bargains and quality product deals as we link into several discount opportunities.


Money and the opportunity that grows each day with online opportunities for anyone 18 and over. We provide several simple network marketing opportunities as well as other affiliate income generating options.


The "Feel The Power" Store allows Powerhouse Classic LLC to distribute its own products, i.e. hats, headbands, socks, t-shirts etc.


Powerhouse Classic LLC provides coaching insights for those looking for simply alternatives and more general basketball knowledge.


There are options for suggested training that changes over time as athletes become faster, bigger and stronger. We inform based on nutrition and licensed athletic trainers that can help all athletes during their individual training.


There is an option to email college coaches as another way to invite the recruiting process. However, because we don't want to overload a coach or a program with repeated emails, we limit those to 10 based on the package that is purchased.


Along with the recruiting process, which is the aim of Powerhouse Classic, a very important service that is offered can be found on the life skills page. This is a variety of suggested measures to help prepare young kids for adversity and the many challenges life presents.





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