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Rugby is considered an emerging sport. It is continually growing on college campuses and many colleges support this sport by providing the facilities and state scholarship programs.


It is difficult to say how many scholarships are granted or will be granted as the sport becomes more popular amongst men and women but there are several colleges listed in the D1 division that are considering allowing this to be considered a varsity sport on their campuses.


To know the accurate numbers of the availability of scholarships, a school teams statistics must be submitted to the school of your choice in order to be evaluated for participation. As this sport is considered also an equilvalency sport, the scholarship application depends on the needs of the team and is the coaches decision.


The best start to register with the NCAA compliance clearinghouse to be sure all academic standards are met. Then follow the directions of the school you wish to join as a team member.


Powerhouse Classic can help you with this. Let us help you find the school of your choice and the future of your dreams. Although not a sport of major popularity like basketball or football, there is still a place for those who have Rugby as their hearts passion both men and women.


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Every athlete must register with NCAA Clearinghouse

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