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Analysis and concepts that define today's athlete

Raw talent/refined talent

Todays game

Individuality/team concepts


Best players in today's game

It is important to understand systematic change when learning and leading any industry. Sports, mainly basketball is no different. Todays game lacks yesterday's skill.


From footwork to mid range shooting to coachability, the game has changed.

There must be a team concept that supercedes individuality and personal brands.


Most teams and players suffer from a common disease...Identity Crisis...Coaches develop systems not players or talent anymore. We should closely examine the model franchises of old and those currently to get an idea of how things should work on any level.

Trends of the game

Model franchises and why     they win

If what you did yesterday looks good to you today......then you haven't done much today.....


Discipline is the essence of character....Purpose is the result of work ethic....


I am the result of my dreams....I am a constant demonstration of what is to come....


Athletes are iconic in that they make you believe the impossible is achievable.....


Your sport is what you do but is certainly is not who you are.....


Winning is not a is an attitude....


Talent is God given....Be humble....Fame is man given...Be grateful....Conceit is self given....Be careful...

                                                                                    John Wooden-

Dynamic quotes for daily success...

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Unity and Teamwork

Leadership Skills

Team Building Concepts

Championship Formula

Character Analysis

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