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 1. What kind of site is this? Answer: This is a multi-sport recruiting site which allows each player to recruit their own school of choice. 2. How does the player profile creation work? Answer: Each player for the sports listed has the option to email up to 10 colleges of their choice. They can do this a maximum of 3 times according to the spam laws and strict monitoring of powerhouse classic. Along with the paid subscription, there are free updates allowed with a video character assessment evaluation for coaches to review as well. 3. What is the process of contacting the colleges? Answer: Powerhouse Classic monitors very strictly the content that is allowed to be associated with this site, rights and represented sponsors. Therefore, all uploaded videos will be evaluated by Powerhouse Classic for acceptable content and Powerhouse Classic will then forward the corresponding emails to the preferred colleges. 4. Is the subscription an annual renewal subscription? Answer: Upon signing up for your Powerhouse Classic Subscription, you will receive a start date and an end date. You also have the right to cancel your subscription but if you fail to do so, it will automatically renew at a 20% discount. 5. Can I cancel my subscription anytime? Answer: Yes, you may cancel your subscription anytime without any conflict from us. 6. Will I receive a refund? Answer: No. Unfortunately, because of our video creations and the extra character video we offer, our sales/purchases are the profiles are yours to keep and to be used at your leisure. 7. Are you involved in the recruiting process? Answer: No. We only send the video's to the selected colleges and the coaches contact you directly. We are out of the communication line at that point. 8. Are there any discounts available for more than one purchase? Answer: Please contact us via our contact link as I'm sure we would be more than happy to entertain any reasonable package offer. 9. Is there an over/under 18 age policy? Answer: Our policy is listed on the create your profile page upon entering your information. Anyone under the age of 18 will have to have their parental consent in order to be able to access or complete the profile page. 10. How often do you update the information on this site? Answer: As our customers continue to make request and as we see ways to improve our delivery of information, we will update our site information accordingly.

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