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Character Assessment

Why is character important and why do you need it here?


Who know's you besides your family, friends and those fun associates you randomly give your weekends to? In order to become an asset, a thing of value in any industry, your character must be known or at least some indication must be given about who you are....


There are several ways to do this:


1.   In person conversations and interviews: these are the

      best but what if this isn't possible?


2.   Telephone interviews: As great as you are, can you sale

      yourself via a conversation as if you were physically



3.   Resume: This is the most general form of character

      perception. Can you describe yourself in such an

      effective way that someone wants to associate their

      company, brand and core values with you?




We've developed a solution that can give you all three...

Most recruiting sites sale you on memberships, and college coach contacts and interest. But rarely does any offer a character assessment option.


The create my character video button will walk you through and to your knew contact future. We will all learn who you are and what you are about.


 The goal is to allow anyone to utilize video as a form of brand promotion and character evaluation allowing you to be there but not be there. By answering the listed questions, presentation will prepare you to take the next steps of your future.....Good Luck..




Introduce yourself to the world.

Create my character video



Create my character video

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