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Introducing the BDF....Brand Dominating Factor

This could be the single most important pursuit of success you have within your reach in this century. This statement is true because all the tools are there for any person to create cash flow from any idea or simply by marketing themselves which becomes their brand. First you must: 1. Identify the best qualities of the product or image. 2. Identify talents...what are you good at. 3. Identify passions...what is it that you wish to accomplish. Personal brands create professional opportunities Your target audience has to go beyond who you work for and your ideal employment. You must go beyond the typical customer relations. You need a community of support pieces and others who can be assets in different ways... Be the best "YOU SALESMAN" there is. No one knows you better than you...Be yourself. Authenticity is key...

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BDF BRAND DOMINATING FACTOR The BDF consist of a variety of marketing tools that sale your image or any product. Powerhouse Classic has constructed a simple format to get you started online to begin marketing and building the image you desire. Todays world of multimedia tools can start simply with the right name to be found on the internet. Simply choosing the right identity can make you attractive to any viewer. But it is important to understand that although Powerhouse Classic provides a layout of the BDR, it will only be as effective as your effort. There are many sales pitches out there that promise you top search engine listings or a certain amount of sales per day/month/year. We ask a few questions that eliminate the "something for nothing" attitude most take only to find themselves disappointed with most of the outcomes. The BDR will help you to become what you represent, create an association with your idea, image or product other words be sure to create an image in the minds of others like french fries and McDonalds, the two go together....this is your goal. This is how you develop your brand. You must have vision, purpose for achievement, better opportunities etc...must utilize all forms of social media and simple postings that will allow your market niche to be created.

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