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Your health is your wealth... Build your mind, body and soul. Feel good about what you eat, lifestyle and your fitness. The new you is the old you rejuvenated...

Bottom Line Body Fitness

Bottom Line Body Fitness

Healthy eating choices enhance our family life and generations of better living...

DIET is very important, not just to weight loss but to overall health. We have several factors that play a major role in our habits from eating to general healthcare. Believe it or not eating isn't the main problem.


MOVEMENT....our bodies were created to move. You heard the saying.."you lose what you don't use"'s true. You must create some form of movement, even it it's just walking so that your body utilizes it's natural parts.


EXERCISE...Studies have shown that exercise is excellent for cardio endurance and fitness but it is not tied directly to weight loss. This doesn't mean exercising won't help, it's just not the main factor in losing weight. Then what is....

We are people obsessed with weight loss and fitness and as simple as it can be, it has become one of the most commercialized forms of irrational behavior we have ever known.


Fitness involves one thing.....DISCIPLINE..


No fast food chain changes its preparation features at any time. Therefore you get the same preparation in North Carolina as you do in New York. Repetitious behavior is the best sign of discipline and the ultimate way to get results.

Our bodies lack moderation, proper intake of supplements, minerals and vitamins...


One of our countries main issue is not just the fast food syndrome and the manipulated way it is prepared. The question is why are we so taken with everything quick, even our food?


Well, our top soil in our country is so badly conditioned and lacks the original nutrients, vitamins and minerals so much that our bodies suffer without some type of supplement to bridge the gap.


This is what supports the quick fix of fast food...and this is why we are so obese and we all struggle with nutrition.

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