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About Powerhouse Classic Powerhouse Classic is a strategic recruiting website with the goal of not just preparing it's members for college but to instruct them in the expected challenges that come with life. The opportunities suggested are to encourage confidence and team building while creating a long term strategy for a successful life. A great deal of individual attention is given to each individual member. Powerhouse Classic personalizes individual evaluation sessions to help maximize improvement and overall character. Our professionally evaluated video's continue to be a great support piece as we hear from experienced players and coaches from around the country. We state that this is "More Than Basketball".....we say that because when each player or person leaves our site, we hope to not only have made a friend but we hope to create useful tools that will long provide communities access to opportunities it deserves. Not just sports driven, we provide many evaluation options. We allow players to create their very own website profile, gaining access to their colleges of choice making it easier for coaches and colleges to stay updated with every performance. We offer a membership program that will allow these profiles to be managed by the players themselves in order to stay as current as possible. We also aid in personal instructional video's that can be purchased and evaluated with a professional on hand for further improvement opportunities.

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